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When you and your spouse choose to get divorced, there are a few initial decisions you will have to make before the process begins. For one, you will need to choose a competent uncontested divorce lawyer in Virginia. It will also be important to see if you and your spouse can negotiate on some issues or if a contested divorce (litigation) will be necessary. At Keithley Law, we have more than 50 years of combined experience representing all types of divorce cases, including contested and uncontested.

Whatever direction your case may take, Keithley Law is here to support you. Contact our contested & uncontested divorce lawyer now.

What is the Difference Between Contested & Uncontested Divorce?

A contested divorce is where two parties cannot come to an agreement through mediation or negotiation on the important issues needing resolution. In an uncontested divorce, both parties can agree on all of the following topics, meaning that the case does not have to go to litigation.

The issues which must be resolved most often in a divorce include:

Will I Have to Go to Court?

A contested divorce in Virginia is much more expensive, public, and time-consuming than an uncontested divorce. This results in higher court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses. In addition, contested divorces are fought in court which makes it harder for everyone involved, including your children.

Where a contested divorce can take many months or even a year to fully resolve everything, an uncontested divorce can be handled in two or three months in some instances. If you decide that going to court is right for you, you can rely on our contested divorce lawyers in Fairfax, VA to be prepared to present your case.

Learn About Your Options Today

At Keithley Law, our philosophy is to do everything in our power to help our clients obtain the best result possible in a divorce case. Whether you and your spouse can come to an agreement with uncontested divorce or you have constant conflicts, our contested & uncontested divorce lawyer is here to help guide you. We have built a reputation for our ability to settle divorce cases no matter the complexity. Our firm is committed to making the divorce process as easy on you as possible.

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