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At Keithley Law, PLLC, we know your relationship with your child is important to you, so we prioritize the safeguarding of that relationship. Whether your child's other parent refuses to pay child support payments for your child or you want to ensure your payment amounts will be fair, we're here to help. We provide representation to both married and unmarried clients seeking financial support. Whatever your unique situation may be, our Fairfax child support attorney is here to support you and represent your best interests.

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Understanding Child Support in Virginia 

Child support is a payment made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to help offset the cost of raising a child. This includes medical expenses, food costs, clothing, shelter, daycare, and educational needs. Child custody arrangements are intended to take into account a number of factors and are determined using a specific state guideline based upon each parent's income or sometimes, income potential, or asking the court to deviate from the specific guidelines.

When establishing child support, a few factors may be considered such as:

  • Physical/emotional needs of the child
  • Each parent's income level
  • Healthcare needs of the child
  • Standard of living the child had before the parents separated
  • Educational needs of the child
  • Employment status of each parent
  • Each parent's educational level
  • If either parent has other children and is required to pay child support for them

Ensuring Fair and Accurate Child Support Calculations

At Keithley Law, PLLC, our Fairfax child support lawyers are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex process of child support calculations to ensure a fair and accurate determination. We understand that child support plays a crucial role in providing for the well-being of your children, and we are committed to advocating for your rights and the best interests of your family.

When determining child support, various factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • Each parent's income and earning potential
  • The number of children involved
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Healthcare and educational expenses
  • Other relevant factors

Our experienced Fairfax child support lawyers will carefully analyze your unique circumstances and work diligently to ensure that all relevant factors are considered when calculating child support. We will advocate for a fair and accurate determination that takes into account the specific needs of your children and your financial situation.

Modifying a child support order can also be a complex process. If you believe that there has been a significant change in circumstances that warrants a modification, our knowledgeable attorneys can guide you through the legal process and help you seek a modification that reflects the current needs of your family.

When it comes to family law matters, the opinions and experiences of our clients matter to us. We strive to provide superior legal guidance and support, tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our compassionate attorneys are here to listen, answer your questions, and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your child support case.

Don't wait to protect your rights and the well-being of your children. Contact Keithley Law, PLLC today to schedule a consultation with our experienced Fairfax child support lawyers.

    Child Support Modifications

    Have circumstances changed in your life which prevent you or the other parent of your child from paying support as ordered? If you already have a child support order established, you will need to take legal steps to ensure that the court is made aware of those changes and placed on written notice of when a modification should take place. We can help you draft a petition to the court explaining the change which has occurred and request a modification.

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