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Not all family issues resolve themselves. When you have tried everything you can to make it work, but to no avail, call Keithley Law. For decades, our team has helped families throughout Fairfax, VA to make the right legal decisions regarding how to move forward after they try all other solutions. Our understanding of family psychology and toxic family members offers you an advocate for these trying times. If you are in need of a Fairfax family lawyer, trust Keithley Law to help.

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A Reputation of Success in Family Law

By hiring an experienced Fairfax family lawyer, you reduce the chances of suffering from any surprises, both in and out of court. Our team at Keithley Law brings over 50 years of combined, tested knowledge and understanding of how to succeed in your family law case. No matter what kind of issue you are dealing with in family law, Keithley Law has the insights necessary to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

We help clients in need of assistance concerning:

  • Divorce - We have extensive knowledge in the more complicated divorce situations that require litigation experience. These include adultery, abandonment, and cruelty.
  • Contested divorce & Uncontested Divorce – Our attorneys also handle uncontested divorces under no-fault grounds of separation for either six or twelve months with no minor children and a separation agreement
  • Separation Agreements – We offer help in negotiating of Property Settlement Agreements, which are the framework of any subjects at issue in a divorce
  • Spousal Support and Child Support – Spousal support can only be sought in cases when the parties have been married for a substantial period and have a significant disparity in income. We know how to accurately calculate child support under Virginia guidelines in all cases including underemployment and unemployment
  • Child Custody and Visitation – No other issue is as complicated or emotional as custody. Our Fairfax family law attorneys have experience in all fields of custody agreements such as guardians ad litem and custody evaluations, and aggressively protect client interests around custody

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Our firm stands ready to help you with your Fairfax family law issues. Do not leave your family’s future in the hands of an attorney without experience. Let Keithley Law help you understand your legal options and secure your interests.

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  • “After a great consultation I decided to have this law firm represent me and from that day forward my experience was top-tier.”

    Bryan R.

  • “Dawn was amazing! Absolutely wonderful!!”


  • “She understood the root of my problems and didn't just give me what I wanted to hear. Her knowledge and understanding of Family Law is clearly shown when talking to her.”


  • “Everything happened as she said she expected it to happen and I couldn't be more thankful to her.”

    Bethany R.

  • “I can't say enough about my experience with the Keithley Law firm. During a very dark time, their professionalism and expertise was perfectly balanced with understanding and compassion.”

    Erin B.

  • “Soo was wonderful and completely understood the complexities involved in these types of disputes.”

    T. G.

  • “I was looking for a divorce lawyer who specializes in narcissistic personality disorder. Dawn-Titus-Rogan kept me up to date and communicated with me in a timely manner.”


  • “Upon speaking with Miss Soo, the night before closing to review the contract, I received the most personable, confident and upmost knowledgeable legal advice, which really helped to set my mind at ease.”

    Todd S.

  • “Keithley Law was wonderful in helping me with the process of divorce. Soo, Dawn and the entire team worked in sync with each.”

    Linda H.

  • “Using her background and experience dealing with high-conflict people, she was aggressive when necessary and conciliatory when necessary.”


  • “Thank you for taking your time to really understand my situation and offering fair advice, both positive and negative.”

    Rose A.

  • “Dawn is an absolutely fantastic attorney. She listened to my concerns, promptly and thoroughly answered my many, many questions, and walked me through the entire process.”

    Eliz R.

  • “She didn't try to get me in the door by promising me outrageous things but told me what I could reasonably expect from what I wanted out of my divorce.”

    Isaac A.

  • “She is responsive in a timely manner, and has an engaging personality. I highly recommend her.”


  • “This is a professional law firm that knows how to take care of their clients. They are punctual, detailed, and hard workers. Soo Keithley is someone you want on your side.”