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Personality Disorders in Relationships

How Identifying Toxic Behaviors Can Prevent Disaster

While every marriage requires work, some relationships require more work than others. By identifying narcissistic behaviors in your spouse or partner, you may be able to avoid the headache that comes with dissolving a toxic marriage. At Keithley Law, our team has extensive experience in helping people escape and recover from relationships where the other person took advantage of their partner’s weaknesses. If you are suffering in a toxic relationship like this, get the help of a Fairfax family lawyer for help.

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Signs of a Narcissist

While each of us will display unhealthy behaviors from time to time, a narcissist is only concerned with their well-being and will go to great lengths to ensure the blame never falls on them. These relationships often become abusive and even hazardous to the wellbeing of the other person involved.

You may be in a relationship with a narcissist if they:

  • Repeatedly threaten to abandon you – As toxic relationships can create what are known as trauma bonds, abusers will scare their partners into thinking they will leave in order to cause a physiological change brought about by fear. These threats can even result in PTSD. The constant highs and lows can be addictive in their brief reconciliation periods, making it difficult to leave. If your partner uses abandonment as a way to coerce you, it may be time to turn to someone for help
  • Present themselves as the perpetual victim – While occasionally presenting yourself as vulnerable is a normal behavior, people with unhealthy personality disorders will use this pity to continually soak up the well-meaning care of the people around them. They are not concerned with improvement (despite their insistence that they are), and they will only use this to focus all attention back on them
  • Act differently than they say they act – In unhealthy relationships, you may be disarmed by the overt love and passion that marks the beginning of your time together. However, this won’t last long. Narcissists will take the time to understand what you want and need to feel safe in a relationship before they use it to get closer to you. With a narcissist, you may meet a callous and cruel person who then uses that passion to ask forgiveness so they can do it again
  • Punish you for not worshipping them – If you find yourself constantly mistreated for choosing your own intuition over your partner’s promises or threats, that person lacks empathy and compassion. As mentioned earlier, if they threaten to leave, do not try to stop them. It helps both of you form better boundaries by respecting what they say and letting them walk out
  • Deny, minimize, or deflect your emotions – When your partner continually downplays your honest goodwill efforts to speak your mind and share your feelings, you are likely dealing with a narcissist. Telling you that your opinions are irrational or dramatic is known as gaslighting, and is a common behavior among people with toxic behaviors. It can be easy to feel foolish with these kinds of people. Seek help. Get started on your way out before you are overcome with misery

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These situations can be difficult. If you are dealing with a toxic personality in your relationship, it may be necessary to obtain the help of a legal professional. At Keithley Law, our Fairfax family lawyer stands ready to help you with whatever you need to move forward, be it filing for divorce, dividing assets, or filing a restraining order. Get help in your high-conflict divorce.

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