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Separation Agreement Lawyer in Fairfax

Understanding Your Legal Rights in a Separation

No marriage is perfect. Sometimes couples experience marital issues which do not necessitate divorce but would still benefit from legal action. In these cases, separation may be the answer. A legal separation gives you time away from your spouse while ensuring your children will be supported and your finances will be protected. At Keithley Law, we are committed to helping you protect your interests and get your marriage where it needs to be.

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What Is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce?

Going through a divorce and drafting a legal separation agreement are similar in some ways. In a legal separation, there are many decisions that must be made between you and your spouse, much like a divorce. However, there are many benefits to separating instead of divorcing. If you have any thought of future reconciliation or have concerns that may prevent you from divorcing, separation could be a better option than a divorce.

A few common reasons for choosing separation over divorce might be:

  • Wanting to keep medical insurance benefits
  • Marriage is required for social security benefits
  • Religious beliefs against divorce
  • Protecting your interests while you work on your marriage
  • Maintaining access to military insurance benefits

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If you or your spouse wants to seek a separation, we can ensure you understand your legal options. At Keithley Law, we provide dedicated and experienced legal advice to our clients during emotionally troubling times. Our Fairfax legal separation attorney is here to protect your rights and see that you are not taken advantage of. You can rely on us to handle your case with the efficiency and tact that it deserves.

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