Ringing in the New Year

On a personal note, I am dedicating this post to 2011. This blog post is a personal one, and I am using it to reach out to all of my fellow Northern Virginians who may not believe that anything is possible with hope, hard work and determination. I am an example of this, and without these three ingredients, I would not be writing this blog post.

My parents came to this country without much, and although I know very little of my past, I do know that their lives must not have been so great in Korea, since they never went back to their native country. In an effort to preserve my parents’ dignity and privacy, I will say that although I do not believe that they were stellar parents, they were great motivators to me. They were the main reason that I became an attorney devoting my private practice to helping my fellow neighbors.

I saw my parents struggle as first generation immigrants trying to make ends meet. They did what they had to do to feed my brothers and me. They worked whatever odd jobs they could find to help keep us off of welfare and to help us develop the strength to become more than they would ever become.

I believe that God gives each of us at least one moment to make that one choice that will define the rest of our lives. For me, it was the choice to leave home and to avoid looking back. For the sake of my family’s privacy, I will not divulge much. Suffice it to say that growing up in my household was a very difficult task. I decided to use my difficult childhood to help make a difference to those who need help. I am a living testament to the cliché that all things are possible with hope, hard work and determination.

Regardless of what legal problems you face, tomorrow is a new day, in a new year. Use today to change the rest of the days that follow. Your legal problems are just those: problems with an end — maybe not the solution or answer you were looking for, but they will end, and you can start anew. What are you looking most forward to in the next year?

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