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Fairfax, Virginia Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys

High net worth divorces present unique challenges for the individuals involved and the attorneys representing them. There are issues around the:
  • Value of businesses in which there is an ownership interest, 
  • Value of compensation plans,
  • Division of high-value assets or assets in trust,
  • Accurate determination of income.

It is, therefore, of critical importance to find an attorney that has experience in these areas. Our firm has relationships with many outside financial experts to aid in reaching your financial objectives. We utilize:
  • Asset Search specialists,
  • Forensic Accountants,
  • Business Valuation experts,
  • Tax attorneys,
  • Fraud examiners. 

Proper preparation can reduce the costs of a divorce. Our experienced family law attorneys can prepare a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to protect your assets. 

Our Alimony Attorneys Have Experience In All Family Law Matters

Child Custody
No other issue is as complicated or emotional as custody. Our attorneys are aggressive in protecting your interests regarding custody. Our attorneys have experience in all fields of custody agreements such as guardians ad litem and custody evaluations.

Uncontested Divorce
We handle uncontested divorces under no-fault grounds of separation for either six or twelve months with no minor children and a separation agreement.

Contested Divorce
Our expertise lies in the more complicated divorce situations. Adultery, abandonment, and cruelty are divorce situations requiring an experienced litigator. Our attorneys have the experience to guide you.

Separation Agreements
Our attorneys have considerable experience in the negotiation of Property Settlement Agreements. These documents are the framework of any subjects at issue in a divorce

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