Why are the Number of Marriages at an All-time Low?

Money: Leading Factor in Low Marriage Rates

Marriage rates in America are at an all-time low, with men and women now delaying marriage into their late 20s and early 30s. According to a recently published article in the Economist, the cause of the decline is, not surprisingly, money. Maybe unwritten social standards are to blame for the financial concerns, states an article from The Huffington Post. Low income couples are hesitant to marry; with some fearing additional financial burden, and others with the mindset that affluence is a condition precedent to marriage. The ever-increasing cost of weddings is intimidating in itself!

Another Reason for Low Marriage Rates: Education
There are many plausible and theories for the decline in marriages, and they are not mutually exclusive. Some believe the increased rate of women and men attending graduate universities into their late 20s is a significant factor, while others think there has been a societal shift in general, with young adults delaying marriage and older adults delaying retirement.
Things to Consider Before Marriage

Think you’re ready for marriage? Here are some things to consider before marriage:

  1. Remember that it is no longer “I” but “We.” Marriage is a
    partnership. Discuss your expectations for marriage and each other.
  1. Discuss your goals for marriage to ensure your marriage will be successful. Do you want a big house? Do you want to travel? Do you want children? Do you both want careers? How will marriage effect your life, and how can you ensure the changes are mutually beneficial?
  2. Receive premarital counseling. Get financial counseling. Discuss your respective financial situations and what you think will be necessary to support yourselves and the ideal lifestyle you have already discussed with your spouse.
  3. Consider the reasons for marrying. Ask yourself why you are getting married. Is it for true love and
    lasting commitment with your new partner? Is it due to social pressure or pressure from your family? Are you afraid of being lonely? Marriage is tough, and it is unlikely to work unless you and your partner want to marry each other for the right reasons.
  4. Learn methods to communicate effectively and resolve conflict.
    Whether you met online or off-line, make sure you feel comfortable discussing
    your wants and needs, and learn how to fight fair.

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